"at your age..." doesn't need to be your limit

All too often....

someone hears from their doctor “Well, at your age…”. It’s true that certain age groups will have some physiological changes. Don’t believe the cliché. My message to you is: all is not lost. Stay positive. There is nothing to fear, and there is always a way. Restoring strength and practicing good nutrition will bring your body and mind back into wellness. You can choose to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. I’m here to guide you there.

What is
Functional Training?

Functional Training is a term used to describe exercises that assist and enhance your ability to perform activities in daily life and achieve an optimal level of fitness. Utilizing a whole-body approach, Functional Training uses multiple muscles, emphasizes core strength and increased stability.

The 7 Basic Components of Functional Training

Dark complected woman with gray hair wearing leggings and tank shirt doing a Pull

Push & Pull

Provides improvement in overall strength and muscle development and balance.

Result: If you fall, you will be able to push up and pull to stand.

Caucasian man with gray hair wearing shorts and a tank shirt doing a squat


Provides mobility, balance strength.

Result: Get yourself off and on that nice deep comfy couch!

Caucasian man with gray hair wearing shorts and tank shirt doing a lunge.


Strengthens hips, back legs.

Result: Improves your mobility and stability. Forget the escalator. You can take the stairs!

Illustration of caucasian woman wearing leggings and tank top doing a HIngeng leggings and


Improves your ability to bend and straighten.

Result: Impress your neighbors when you can pick up the morning paper on one leg with style!

Illustration of dark complected woman wearing leggings and tanks shirt doing a Rotation


Improves your distance and speed for reaching and bending?

Result: Always prepared for any situation.

Illustration of a dark complected man walking in shorts and tank shirt


Increases cardio vascular fitness, bone strength, boosts muscle power and reduces body fat.

Result: Improved mobility around your house and around town. Freedom!!

My Functional Training Program

My personalized training programs focus on the components of Functional Training. I target specific areas to improve your balance and coordination, strength, range of motion, and mobility. Optimizing these Functional Training components improves your overall fitness and increases your enjoyment of everyday life.

l see the body as a structure. I start with an assessment of your structure to ensure we avoid injury and keep your structure safe and sound throughout our process.

Scoliosis Correction

Scoliosis is tricky and can sneak up on a person. When I noticed I was having difficulty with my own daily activities, such as standing, sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, etc, I sought treatment. I was subsequently diagnosed with Scoliosis. My back problems had been manifesting over a long period of time prior, I just didn’t know what caused them until receiving my medical diagnosis.

I was dissatisfied with the limited treatment choices offered in our medical system: “wait and see,” bracing, or surgery. I decided to seek out an expert. I found Dr. Ed Paget, who is a Scoliosis expert, Osteopath and Exercise Physiologist. I enrolled in his program which is an exercise based correction protocol for Scoliosis patients.

I became a Scoliosis Correction Practitioner under Dr. Paget’s tutelage. I have been trained to correct C curve, S curve, Reverse C and Reverse S. I continue to do my own program and have achieved great results. I can do the same for you!

After 50, Scoliosis accelerates to approximately 1 degree per year, or 7 to 10 degrees per decade. It’s important to take care of your back at this time and be able to continue and enjoy your daily activities.

If you have been diagnosed with Scoliosis, my personalized exercise program can help you with curve correction and pain relief. I can work with you in-person or remotely via Zoom. I can teach you how to perform your own self-care to optimize and maintain your own healthy, high-quality lifestyle.

About Denise

I have been in athletics/fitness industry for over 40 years. I evolved with the industry and went from teaching aerobics in the 80s, to bootcamps and step of the 90’s, Kick Boxing in the 2000's and Spinning up into 2020. Those were wild times and really fun.

I am a personal trainer who likes to dabble in body building. I enjoy all aspects of fitness and try to make my personalized programs effective for my clients and most important, lots of fun!!


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